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Shared Hosting

The most popular and inexpensive method of hosting on the internet today is shared server hosting which is ideal for customers looking to host a simple website with basic features and without the hassles of updating and maintenance.

Ideal for customers looking to host a simple website with basic features

ResilienceSoft supports shared hosting and application hosting in Linux and Win 2000 platforms. Webindia's hosting services are the most cost-effective and economical solutions for both individuals and small to medium-sized businesses to get on the internet. Our hosting solutions significantly reduce the costs of getting a website and helps customers quickly start and have an online presence. We provide web hosting packages for everyone starting with 10MB, 50MB, and 100MB and so on.


VPS Hosting

VPS enables users to have full control over their space though they are in a shared physical

VPS - Private and protected area that operates as an independent server

server. ResilienceSoft is a well-known VPS hosting provider in India and our hosting services feature high performance and high availability disk space and bandwidth.

Our affordable VPS hosting allows multiple customers to share the expense of hardware and network connections (and completely eliminate the hassle of maintaining it all) without sacrificing performance or the freedom to run whatever software you choose.


Enterprise Hosting

Dedicated servers are particularly useful for companies and individuals who run very-high-traffic websites or applications.

Dedicated server with exclusive bandwidth, memory, storage space & performance for high traffic websites

ResilienceSoft provides the best in-class, flexible and scalable Dedicated Server hosting services to clients looking for unrestricted, secure and independent access to manage their internet infrastructure. We provide the best Enterprise hosting solutions in India. Our dedicated server provides you with a dedicated IP address and full control over server usage and software installation, with admin (root) access to the server.

Our hosting customers have exclusive rights to their server's bandwidth, memory, storage space & performance; their websites are not affected by traffic and the usage patterns of other customers. Global load balancing services (GLBS) are also done by our dedicated Servers.



Choosing a domain name or a website name is the most important task toward creating

To assist you in choosing the most pertinent, memorable and creative internet addresses for your company

your online web presence. Webindia will help you get the best domain names and we are one of the most sought after Domain resellers in India. We are here to help you get not only the premium domain names but also in cheap domain name registrations and bulk domain name registrations as well.


E-mail Solutions

Our e-mail hosting services are reliable and scalable, with innovative features and hosted with Anti-Spam solutions. We provide corporate class e-mail hosting too and mail boxes with different data storage slots, which can be customized as per your company's requirement.

A reliable e-mail hosting solutions including a 3-level anti-spam and content filtering to prevent unsolicited mails
Zimbra Mail Server

We offer corporate e-mail service using powerful Zimbra Mail Server that provides full e-mail access from anywhere and it is just like Hotmail or Gmail or Yahoo! mail; you can also use any of the e-mail clients with our Zimbra Mail Server e-mail. All our e-mail hosting plans include 3-level Anti-Spam and content filtering to prevent unsolicited mails.

Dynamic Mail Server Service (DMSS)

In this, we provide clients with a dedicated mail server to enable direct access from the internet for the purpose of mail delivery. This is done to ensure that the important mails don't get mixed up or lost in transit, it also helps speed-up the process of mail delivery and it serves as a back-up system for retrieval of mail data.

The DMSS system function allows to set-up and maintain an independent SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) mail system to receive mails on port 25 using SMTP protocol. This adds the flexibility to operate any licensed mail server software and send and receive e-mail to individual domains.

Office 365

As a Microsoft Partner and Reseller, we also promote Office 365 products on the Cloud. Corporate clients can avail of different levels of Office 365 products that include Microsoft Exchange, Lync and other communication tools along with the entire MS-Office Suite. Office 365 is a subscription-based online office and software plus services suite which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft’s premium office solutions.


Cloud Hosting

As an AWS partner we deliver dependable cloud services that help you achieve real benefits from cloud infrastructure, applications and platforms.

Cloud Hosting allows consumers and businesses to share legacy applications without installation and avoid Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) on costly infrastructure
Our cloud services include:
  • Cloud Adoption Service
  • Manage your AWS environment

More Features


Data Entry & Processing

Data Entry & Processing is the most important basic need of any organization. It is an exceptionally vital area of expertise that helps boost the performance standard competence.

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Web Solutions

ResilienceSoft has been a leader in creating successful e-commerce websites with exceptional user-friendly features, responsive practices and its compatibility & popularity on major search engines.

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Social Media Management

We offers Social Media Application Services to our customers. It is considered to be the powerful and valuable way of Internet marketing, forthcoming in the internet landscape.

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Search Engine Optimization

ResilienceSoft is proficient in remodeling your existing website into a Search-Engine-Friendly one. Our approach to Search Engine Optimization is comprehensive and thorough. We provide ultimate solutions for all SEO needs.

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Hosting Solutions

ResilienceSoft supports shared hosting and application hosting in Linux and Win 2000 platforms.We provide web hosting packages for everyone starting with 10MB, 50MB, and 100MB and so on.

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Digital Marketing

ResilienceSoft is one of the best Digital Marketing companies in Chhattisgarh. Creating a relevant Digital campaign and achieving higher success rate is a complex task. We spend time understanding your business and your clients before we develop an Digital Marketing campaign.

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The Process We Follow

Successful businesses and organizations have systems. Every employee working for a company has a set of rules to follow as they complete tasks. They may also have instructions that show them exactly how to complete each task.


The problem for businesses is they often struggle to define three key elements: Policy, Process, Procedure While it may seem like there is no difference in this employee system there are actually important differences that determine the success of your company.

We must prepare the software in terms of define,design,development and deployment.